A Wonderful Afternoon in Tanjung Pendam Beach

In Belitung Island, you can find many tourist spots. If you love sunset scenery, you should visit Tanjung Pendam Beach. As the name suggests, the beach is located in Tanjung Pandan City. Most of the visitors want to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the shorelines. They are families, couples, a tourist group, and even foreigners. The best attraction in this beach is its sunset view. Though, there are other attractions like seafood restaurants. You can simply relax near to the beach and enjoy its solemn nature.

The Nuance
Tanjung Pendam Beach is located in a strategic area. It is suitable for witnessing a beautiful sunset. The best time to visit is before evening. From the shorelines, you can sit under the tree and enjoy the sunset. It is a perfect ambiance for couples. This romantic nuance becomes a distinct attraction for tourists. Moreover, the sea water is quite calm. It doesn’t ruin the atmosphere at all. The sky becomes reddish. In the next few minutes, you are going to be mesmerized by its beauty.

Exploring Tanjung Pendam Beach
The beach has more than a beautiful sunset. For example, there is an amusement park near to the beach. You should bring your family and relax in this park. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy numerous performances as well. Next, tourists are able to witness gorgeous scenery in the horizon. Kalimua Island is visible from the beach. The rumor has it. Such island has the power to eradicate bad lucks. This belief was spread by the Chinese.

Tanjung Pendam Beach also features some galleries. You can visit them easily. These galleries are the home of beautiful handicrafts and paintings. It can be a fun activity aside from the sunset. If you feel hungry, you can visit some restaurants nearby. The most famous choice is the seafood. It is true Belitung is famous for its seafood. That means you should never miss this opportunity. Another famous culinary is Gangan. It is delicious and savory.

After the sunset, it is time to relax. The thing is Tanjung Pendam Beach features live music. The combination of calming music and soothing beach ambiance is indeed perfect. On top of that, you are surrounded by shady pine trees. Isn’t this relaxing? There are also many festivals and performances. Make sure you have gathered information regarding the schedules. All of these attractions make a perfect holiday. All visitors will definitely have a good time.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is easy to reach Tanjung Pendam Beach. Your first checkpoint is Tanjung Pandan City. From here, you need to go west. The distance is about 4 km. It is either using a motorcycle or a car. One thing, you should visit the beach at the right time. As mentioned earlier, the best attraction is the sunset. It is better to visit the beach before evening. Also, you should not forget your camera and some refreshments.

Where to Stay

  • Golden Tulip Essential
  • Grand Hatika Hotel
  • Harlika Jaya Hotel
  • Lux Melati Hotel

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