Batu Bedil Beach in Sungai Padang Village, Belitung

Belitung Island should be the next “Bali”. It has many beautiful beaches, just like in Bali Island. If you visit Sungai Padang Village, there is a peaceful beach called Batu Bedil. The location is quite secluded, so it takes much effort to reach this coastal area. Not to mention the road isn’t paved yet. The best time to visit the beach is during the hot season. Otherwise, you may expect muddy road. Once you have arrived at the beach, you can do many things freely!

The Nuance
Batu Bedil Beach has a unique characteristic. The shoreline consists of granites. The water is calm as if there are no waves. It is possible to play in it, as well. Near to the granites, you can find several wild plants. They provide a beautiful ambiance. Another unique feature is one of the stones. It has the shape of a heart. No one knows the origin of this stone. The thing is local people call it “love stone”. It takes the help of a tour guide to locate this stone, though.

Exploring Batu Bedil Beach
Sungai Padang Village has many gems of tourism. For those who look for relaxation, there is Batu Bedil Beach. It has the regular contour of Belitung’s beaches. That means you may expect white sand and granites. Though, this beach has a unique feature. It is the combination of 3 granites. They make a shape of a cannon. Thus, the locals name it Batu Bedil Beach. Batu means “stone” and Bedi means “cannon”. These stones were formed naturally. It also becomes the main attraction of the beach.

Those stones emit more uniqueness, especially during the high tide. You can hear a sound like a cannon sometimes. It is the result of water splash. Near to these stones, you can find smaller granites. Some of them even produce unique noises. In order to enjoy these attractions, you pass through troublesome terrains. Thus, you should not expect comfortable routes. Make sure to wear proper footwear and clothes. The sun can be quite hot, too. If necessary, you should carry refreshments.

Batu Bedil Beach also becomes a good spot for snorkeling. There are some sites to enjoy the nautical beauty. Next, it is the fishing activity. For those who carry a fishing rod, the beach offers some perfect spots to catch fishes. In some parts of the seashore, local people use them as pre-wedding backgrounds. Thanks to beautiful landscapes and calm moods.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
There are two methods to reach Batu Bedil Beach. First, it is from Tanjung Pandan. Your destination is Sungai Padang Village. The fastest route takes about 1 hour. The trip is about 38 km. You only need to follow Sijuk Street. As an alternative, you can use Sudirman Street. It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you come from Manggar, you must follow Bandara-Manggar Street. The trip is about an hour and 30 minutes. Enjoy your trip!

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Lake Resort
  • Lor IN Belitung

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