Sail Event Indonesia Throwback in Belitung – Sail Wakatobi

Belitung Island is a famous tourist destination. It is part of Bangka Belitung Province, Indonesia. There are many beautiful beaches, islands, and worthy landmarks. In the past, there was a famous event called Sail Wakatobi. It was actually a sailing event. Belitung became one of the checkpoints among yacht owners. Many countries participated in such event. The start point was in Darwin, Australia. The end was in Singapura. Actually, Indonesia conducts this event every year. Apart from sightseeing sail event, you can do many other things like exploring nature, relaxation, recreation, and swimming.

The Nuance
Sail Wakatobi was quite festive. 100 yachts participated in such event. From Darwin, they entered Indonesia territory from Saumaki. The next destinations were Banda-Belitung. There were lots of white yachts on the sea. They moved in a harmonious movement. Since it is an annual event, you may expect a different experience. Before visiting Belitung, make sure you have gathered information regarding sail event Indonesia. It is likely Belitung Island becomes another checkpoint for such event. What you need is correct information.

Enjoying a Sail Event
Sail event is quite interesting. It can be a reference to enjoy the same festival later. Apart from the sailing event, there are other attractions like fishing boat parade. The locals gather in a particular place and display their fishing boat. It is quite attractive. You should never miss this opportunity. The other attraction is Barongsai. Thanks to the past event. Today, Belitung Island is recognized by other countries. Every year, many yachts stop by in the island. You can find then either in East or West Belitung.

The best spot to see many yachts is in Marina Port. The location is in Manggar. It has become a great checkpoint for yachts owners. Do you have a yacht? That means you can sail to this port, for fun. Make sure you have the permission, though. Even though you are a beginner, you can get an unforgettable experience. First, make sure you don’t have sea legs. It takes time, after all. Every professional sailor has experienced such issue. The key is to relax. It is important to enjoy the voyage. Otherwise, what you get is discomfort.

A sailing yacht can be quite cramped. Limited cabin storage and space are indeed quite troublesome. Due to this reason, don’t carry too many items while sailing. Another important consideration is the camera. It is the key to a perfect adventure. One thing, saltwater can ruin the regular camera. Make sure to carry a camera with a better quality. Some important items are hats, clothes, and sunblock.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Tinggi Beach
  • Lengkuas Island

How to Get There
If you want to enjoy a local sailing adventure, your destination is Manggar Port. From Tanjung Pandan, it takes about 2 hours. It is a comfortable trip. Marina Port is your last destination. It is possible to explore nearby islands using a yacht. For foreigners, you should obtain permission to enter Indonesia first. This way, you are able to reach Belitung and other islands with a yacht. Make sure you come in a group, though.

Where to Stay

  • Oasis Hotel
  • Simpang Empat Hotel
  • Guest Hotel

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