Stunning Sengkelik Beach in Sijuk, Belitung Island

What do you think about remote beaches? These offer unspoiled beauty. You can find one in Belitung Island. The name is Sengkelik Beach. It is situated in Sijuk District. In terms of beauty, it is as good as other beaches in Belitung. The beach features lots of stunning objects like shady trees, white pure sand, solemn nature, and bright blue sky. All of them make a perfect location for a vacation retreat. The best time to visit Sengkelik is during the hot season. At that time, you may expect nice weather.

The Nuance
The first impression when coming to Sengkelik Beach is the feel of isolation. Have you ever been in a remote location? If not, you should come to Sengkelik. It is considered an ideal place to retreat from daily routines. If you want to eradicate your stresses, you should come to this coast. It is quite desolate. You can find lonely trees and deserted white sand. When it comes to the sea water, you may expect calm waves. If you look up there, the sky is flawless!

Exploring Sengkelik Beach
The beach is famous for its white sand. Thus, the most popular activity is beach walking. You don’t even need to spend much energy to explore the beach. Also, you don’t need to wear any footwear. The sand is soft, so it won’t hurt your feet. Sengkelik Beach is suitable for a family vacation or even a honeymoon. Thanks to its beautiful landscape and calm atmosphere. If you are looking for a retreat from daily routines, Sengkelik is a good option as well.

When it comes to the seawater, it is calm. Due to this reason, you can expect many activities. These include fishing, swimming, etc. The best time to visit is in the morning. You can feel cool nuance and nice weather. If you come with kids, you should consider several activities like a sand mermaid, beach art, sundial, seashell covered letters, and crab catching. These are uncommon beach activities during holidays. Your kids will definitely love it. If not, it can be as simple as playing a kite.

Once you explore Sengkelik Beach, you should involve in local culture. You can do this in Sijuk Village. The most common tradition is Marastaun. The locals conduct an annual event to gain safety to the village. They gather in a shaman’s house. This person is highly respected by the villagers. Together, they pray for prosperity and safety. Once the ritual is done, the next activity is the break-bread. That means they eat together in that house.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Tanjun Pandan, you must head to Sijuk District. It is a short trip, actually. The distance is about 30 km, so the trip takes about 45 minutes. No worries. You can find car rental services in Tanjung Pandan. The price varies, as well. If you can’t drive, there are professional drivers to hire. When it comes to accommodations, there are several options of hotels near to Sengkelik.

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Lake Resort
  • Lor IN Belitung

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