Kata Museum by Andrea Hirata in Belitung

Bangka Belitung Province is the birthplace of a famous Indonesian novelist. The name is Andrea Hirata. This man also built a museum in Gantong Village. No wonder, this becomes a new tourist attraction. The name is Kata Museum. It is situated near to Laskar Pelangi Elementary school, which is also a famous tourist spot in Gantong. The museum opens daily. It starts from 10 am – 17.30 pm. Andrea Hirata built it to inspire young generations. Also, it becomes a place for appreciating literature works of some writers.

The Nuance
Kata Museum is small, yet appealing. Inside, you can find a documentation of Laskar Pelangi Movie. These include novels and photographs. There are also Mahar and Ikal rooms. Mahar is the name of a passionate little boy. He loves both literature and creativity. In this room, you can find many inspiring words. Most of them tell us to be more open-minded and resourceful. Also, there are many types of books and literature works. Are you interested in writings? This museum should be your top priority.

Exploring Kata Museum
In Kata Museum, you can find Kupi Kuli food stand. It offers different types of local snacks. Tourists don’t need to worry about the refreshments. Apart from snacks, there is also a famous coffee. Andrea Hirata also loves it. Before exploring the museum, you should know some facts. For instance, it is the first literature museum in Indonesia. It was actually an old house. It ages more than 200 years old. Andrea modified it into an inspiring place for tourists.

One thing, it isn’t free to enter Kata Museum. Once you pay the entry fee, you will get either a novel or a CD. The ticket is worth your money, for sure. In several parts of the museum, you can also find Andrea’s photographs. There are also inspirational words. Moreover, it is possible to read some previews of Andrea’s novels. These have been translated into numerous languages. That means foreigners can also have a good time in the museum.

The main room is called Ikal. It is a boy featured in the Laskar Pelangi Film. No wonder, you can watch a novel preview about Ikal. The most interesting part is a photograph of Ikal and Lintang. This is the scene where these kids separate. Next to Ikal Room, there is Litang Room. As the name suggests, it is the home of Lintang’s photographs. The most favored picture is the photograph of Litang and Ikal when they are riding a bicycle. Another room is Mahar. It has been explained before, actually.

Nearby Attractions

  • Laskar Pelangi Elementary School
  • Pice Dam

How to Get There
Kata Museum is located in Laskar Pelangi Street. It is in Gantong Village, East Belitung. From Tanjung Pandan, you can choose two routes. The fastest one is through Badau Street – Ranggiang Corner. The trip takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Once you reach Gentong, you can directly head to the museum. Near to this location, there is a replica of Laskar Pelangi Elementary School.

Where to Stay

  • Serrata Terrace Hotel
  • Horison Belitung Hotel
  • Duta Pesona

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