A Vacation in Batu Berlayar Island, Belitung

Bangka Belitung Province becomes a worthy attraction in Indonesia. It also features many small islands. If you are looking for something unique, there is Batu Berlayar Island. Foreigners call it Sailing Rock Island. The location is near to Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung. The main attraction is definitely its granites. There are two big rocks on the island. These are surrounded by the white sand. In terms of appearance, the island is similar to a sailing boat. It is suitable for a vacation retreat and water sports.

The Nuance
The island is quite small. It features big and small granites. The biggest rocks are about 10 meters in height. You will be astonished by its artistic value. It is located near to Tanjung Kelayang and it is situated on shallow sea water. The granites are similar to either shark’s teeth or sails. On top of that, the water is crystal clear. It also features amazing background and blue sky. For those who love photography, Batu Berlayar is a worthy place to visit.

Exploring Batu Berlayar Island

The white sand appears during the low tide. Batu Berlayar Island also features several coral reefs. One thing, you should avoid sea urchins. Their sharp prickles can hurt your feet. Due to this reason, you must wear proper footwear or sandals. It is also possible to get around the island by feet. Thanks to its small size. You can explore the granites and take some pictures of them. This is going to be your amazing adventure. You should never miss this opportunity.

Snorkeling is another famous activity in Batu Berlayar Island. The best spot is in the west part of the island. Here, you can find beautiful fishes and reefs. The sea current is strong, though. Thus, you should be careful. For beginners, a life jacket is a primary equipment. It keeps you safe during snorkeling. If necessary, you should come with an instructor. Don’t forget to pay his service, though. If you are confident with your skills, you don’t need a guide.

Many tourists take advantage of those granites for photography. You should take this opportunity, as well. You can post nice pictures on social media sites using the granites as your background. Your friends will be jealous. Next, you should explore the beach. There are some small fishes and jellyfishes in the water. Actually, they are also worthy objects for photography. Once you enjoy good times in this island, it is time to visit nearby tourist objects.

Nearby Attractions
The nearest one is Tanjung Kelayang. It is only about 2 km. The best attraction is its beautiful beach. You may expect hundreds of yachts, as well. Lengkuas Island is also a worthy tourist object. It is about 4 km from Batu Berlayar Island.

How to Get There
If you come from Tanjung Kelayang, it takes only 15 minutes. You can use a boat to cross the sea. For foreigners, you should head to either Belitung Airport or Tanjung Pandan Port. From here, you can directly head to Tanjung Kelayang. The trip takes about 27 km.

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Lake Resort
  • LOR IN Belitung Hotel
  • Bukit Berahu Resort

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