A Wild Beach in Sijuk District – Bebilai

Belitung Island is famous for its beaches. The beauty is similar to that of the Bali’s. If you are looking for a wonderful vacation, you must head to Sijuk District. It is the home of tons of tourist spots. For example, there is Bebilai Beach. Many people are attracted to its wild waves and rough granites. Not to mention it has panoramic views. The beach is suitable for beach walking, relaxation, hanging out, and photography. Plus, the wind is quite brisk.

The Nuance
It is true almost all Belitung beaches consist of granites. They come in different sizes, too. If you look for extreme granites, you must come to Bebilai Beach. Once you reach the coastline, what you can see are stones and big granites. In fact, you can’t find any sand on it. Bebilai isn’t suitable for beach walking. Instead, you can explore such rocky terrain freely. Make sure you pay attention to your steps, though. Those stones can be slippery, especially during rainy season. The wind is strong, so you may expect big waves.

Exploring Bebilai Beach
Bebilai Beach offers stunning panorama. The best view is the sunset. It gives you a romantic feeling. Therefore, you must come to this location with your spouse. Apart from the sunset, you can also enjoy shady trees. They come in different species and size. The beach emits a wild ambiance. The wind is strong and the waves are immense. Some parts of the beach are calm, though. This way, you can safely swim in it. If you come with your kids, make sure to watch them carefully.

When it comes to the atmosphere, Bebilai Beach radiates a pacific ambiance. Thus, it makes a perfect place to relax. Even though the beach features wild waves, you can hear harmonious water splash. It is a unique experience! The granites are also beautiful. They become wonderful decorations of the beach. Dare you to climb these rocks? This way, you can take beautiful pictures of them. Just ask your friends or families to take the pictures while you stand on those granites.

From Bebilai Beach, you can witness a lighthouse. It is located in the nearby island, which is Lengkuas. Once you have explored all parts of the beach, it is time to look for some foods. The best location to hunt local foods is in Sijuk. You can find local eateries there. The most recommended menu is Atep Noodle. The broth is flavorsome. Also, there is Sum-Sum Rice. It is better to bring extra money, so you can try them all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lengkuas Island
  • Tanjung Kelayang Beach
  • Jimbaran Belitung

How to Get There
There are many ways to reach Sijuk District. From Tanjung Pandan, it takes 45 minutes by a car. Even though there are different routes, this one is the fastest. You only need to follow Sijuk Street. Bebilai Beach has no many visitors, so you may expect airy atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you come alone, in fact. A car or motorcycle is the most common transportation. Either way, you must locate the beach efficiently!

Where to Stay

  • Pelangi Lake Resort
  • Lor IN Belitung

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