A Soothing Atmosphere in Bukit Batu Beach

In East Belitung, there is a famous tourist spot called Bukit Batu Beach. It is one of the best beaches in Belitung Island. The beauty is undisputed. It also features several stones in the shorelines. The location is in Burung Mandi Village. You can find it by reaching Damar District. Actually, it is situated adjacent to another famous beach, which is Burung Mandi Beach. The distance is about 2 km. For visitors, there is an entry fee but it is affordable. For the best facilities, you should pay more.

The Nuance
The beach has some interesting features. First, it is the stones. That means you can climb on these stones and enjoy the beautiful scenery on it. Second, it is the waves. The beach features strong waves so you should be careful. Thus, swimming is not a recommended activity. Third, it is the small forest. In the back, you can find dense trees. It is an opportunity to enjoy solemn nature, though. The trees are shady and thick. All of these features make a perfect place for a vacation retreat. On top of that, you can find several gazebos!

Exploring Bukit Batu Beach
In order to reach the beach, it takes much effort. From the main gazebo, you should follow the path in the midst of the forest. Even though it is a tiring trip, you won’t get disappointed. You may expect some people in the shorelines. No wonder, fishing is a popular activity on this beach. There are some good spots for fishing, as well. When it comes to the length, Bukit Batu is inferior. There are two major parts, which are a sandy beach and rocky beach. Both of them are worth to explore.

In the rocky part, you may expect many shapes of granites. They make a gallant appearance. In the back, you can find some gazebos. Visitors are allowed to relax on them. Not to mention there are several facilities like a restaurant, toilet, lodging, etc. You can find them in the midst of dense forest. In the restaurant, you can eat delicious foods while listening to the sounds of nature. These include birdsongs and waves.

In the sandy part, you may expect several creatures. If you are lucky, you can find sea turtles. They come to the shorelines to spawn. The best time to witness them is during the full moon. Apart from sea turtles, there are also lizards. These predators often come to the beach to hunt those eggs. These creatures make Bukit Batu Beach more interesting to visit, don’t they? Make sure you visit the beach while visiting Belitung!

Nearby Attractions

  • Bukit Mandi Beach
  • Pice Dam
  • Pangkuan Hill

How to Get There
Your primary destination is Bukit Mandi Village situated adjacent to Bukit Batu Beach. From Tanjung Pandan, you can ride a car to Damar District. It takes a few hours, so you must prepare some refreshments. Once you reach Damar, you can directly head to the village. The beach is noticeable. It is only 2 km from Bukit Mandi Beach. That means you can enjoy two different beaches in the same village!

Where to Stay

  • Oasis Hotel
  • Simpang Empat Hotel
  • Nusa Indah Hotel
  • Guest Hotel

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