A Pictursque Sijuk Temple in Belitung Island

Bangka Belitung Island is the home of many tourist spots. Apart from beaches and islands, you can also find a unique temple. The name is Sijuk Temple. As the name implies, it is located in Sijuk Village. The locals also call it Hok Tek Ceng Sin Temple. It is also situated near to Al Ikhlas Mosque. It is in the Northwest of the mosque. Actually, it is the home of the Earth God. Today, it becomes an interesting vacation spot for tourists.

The Nuance
The most iconic part of the temple is its pagoda miniatures. It is located in front of the building. The atmosphere is peaceful. Not many people visit this temple. The structure is small, as well. However, the serenity of the temple has attracted more visitors over time. In the yard, the yard is surrounded by numerous types of trees. It makes a good place for relaxing and finding peace. There is a keeper inside. He takes care of everything such as cleaning and maintenance. His name is Abok.

Exploring Hok Tek Ceng Sin Temple
As mentioned before, Sijuk Temple is located near to Al Ikhlas Mosque. This unique structure was built in 1815. The main building comes with iron sheeting. There are no dragon ornaments, as well. In the front part of the temple, you may find poles. These are beautified by a couple of dragon ornaments. What a unique beauty! There is also an open building. It has the shape of a square. The visitors often use it for relaxing. It is called “Pendopo”.

In the yard, you can also find a small shrine. It is used to worship Shien Tien-Shang Tee or the Sky God. This part of the temple also features interesting scenery. It is the bridge of Sijuk. Next, there is Hok Tek Ceng Sing Statue. It is the God of Earth. You can find it in the main shrine. The location is in the midst of the main building. Most of the worshippers are farmers and traders. They pray for wealth and success. No worries. Tourists are also allowed to perform such ritual.

In the left part of the yard, you can find an old well. The depth is about 7 meters. In the bottom hole, there is a solid rock. Here is the fact. This well never lacks water. The water remains even though regardless of the season. Another interesting thing is the story. According to the locals, they will get bad luck if they move or ruin stones during Hok Tek Ceng Sing’s birthday. It is on the 10th day of Chinese’s New Year.

Nearby Attractions

  • Al-Ikhlas Mosque
  • Jimbaran Belitung

How to Get There
Sijuk Temple is located near to Al-Ikhlas Mosque. Everyone can reach it without hassles. If you come from Tanjung Pandan City, you should head north by following Sijuk Street. Once you reach Sekolah Street, you should head east. This way, you are reaching Sijuk Village soon. The temple has a unique shape. It is easy to notice, for sure.

Where to Stay

  • Lor In Belitung
  • Damuon Hotel

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