A Unique Tourist Spot in Belitung - Babi (Pig) Island

Bangka Belitung Province is said as one of the best tourist spots in Indonesia. Thanks to its beautiful beaches and stunning islands. One of them is Babi Island. People also call it Pig Island. It is as popular as Lengkuas Island and Tanjung Tinggi Beach. There is another name, actually. It is called Kapayang Island. The size is small, but it has numerous facilities. These include an outbound area, restaurants, and lodging. Thus, the island is suitable either for relaxing or an adventure.

The Nuance
Just because the name has ‘pig’ in it, doesn’t mean you may find many pigs on this island. In fact, no one knows the real meaning behind its name. Despite its unknown history, the island has become a worthy vacation destination. It offers a simple yet charming ambiance. It features white sandy beach. The water is clear and shallow. In the midst of the island, there are several bushes and coconut trees. Near to the beach, you can also find some rocks.

Exploring Babi Island
The question is what tourists can do on Babi Island. Well, the best activity is snorkeling. Even though it is inferior to Lengkuas Island, the beach is worth a try. The sea current isn’t too strong, so you can dive in comfortably. You can either rent snorkeling gear or carry it from home. For beginners, it is better to find an instructor beforehand. The seawater is not dangerous for tourists. Though, it can be a worthless snorkeling experience if you don’t have the basic skills.

Next, you can do island hopping. It is a famous activity in Bangka Belitung Archipelago. From Babi Island, you can hop to other islands nearby. The nearest one is Lengkuas Island. You can explore these islands using a boat. What is next? It is the granites. Like its neighbors, Babi Island features several rocks and granites. What makes them special? They have different sizes. These unique rocks can be a perfect background for selfies and photography.

Another attraction is Hawksbill sea turtle conservation. This is managed by some naturalists. Thanks to them. Tourists can witness such majestic sea creature. On top of that, visitors are allowed to learn how to transplant corals. These are unique experiences. You can’t find them in other places. Once you enjoy those attractions, it is time to relax at the beach. The sunset is mesmerizing so you can get rid of your stress. For photographers, there are unlimited beauties to capture. Overall, Kepayang or Babi Island becomes a wonderful vacation retreat for everyone.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Kelayang Beach
  • Batu Berlayar Island
  • Lengkuas Island

How to Get There
First, you should head to Tanjung Kelayang Beach or Tanjung Binga. You can come either from Tanjung Pandan Port or the airport. Once you reach Kelayang, it is time to cross the sea. A local boat is the most common transportation. The trip takes about 30-45 minutes.

Where to Stay
Babi Island features some restaurants and local lodging. Thus, you can rely on its accommodations. As an alternative, you can look for hotels in Belitung Island. These are the nearest ones:

  • Muara Kecil Resort
  • Lor IN Belitung
  • Pelangi Lake Resort.

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