Visiting Turtle Conservation in Kepayang, Belitung

Kepayang Island is also recognized as Babi Island. It features a stunning beach. Actually, it is part of Belitung Island. It is true many tourists are attracted to the beach. However, there are other attractions in Kepayang. For instance, there is local turtle conservation. As the name suggests, it is the place to witness the life of turtles. The locals take care of these gorgeous animals in order to retain their numbers. In fact, it is possible to watch them laying some eggs.

The Nuance
Kepayang Turtle Conservation doesn’t have luxuries. It is a simple building with some man-made ponds. The keepers store turtles in these ponds. It is also an open structure, so you won’t see any walls. In one of the forking branches, there are notification plates. These say that visitors aren’t allowed to take pictures with flash. The plates also say visitors aren’t allowed to touch the turtles. The purpose is to minimize contamination and harms. No worries. It is quite fun just only watching these turtles.

Exploring Kepayang Turtle Conservation
The most popular species is Hawksbill Sea Turtle. It is unique and beautiful. The turtles are ornamented with scales. Due to its value, many poachers often catch and sell the turtles illegally. It reduces sea turtle’s number significantly. In order to prevent worse conditions, the locals built such turtle conservation. Also, it becomes a tourist lure in Kepayang Island. That means everyone is allowed to visit this interesting place. Though, it costs a small amount of money to witness the turtles. Visitors should pay the entry fee.

Kepayang Turtle Conservation takes care of the young turtles until they reach maturity. Next, the keepers may release matured turtles to the open sea. The locals may take some eggs on the beach. They won’t risk the eggs to nature. It is due to the presence of predators and other threats. The keepers bring them to the conservation area and take care of them carefully. As a tourist, you can observe this activity at will. Make sure you have paid the entry fee, though.

Apart from the turtles, you can find some small corals. The keepers nurse these corals and release them to the sea. This is another attraction in Kepayang Turtle Conservation. Overall, you won’t get bored at all. This place is also near to other tourist spots. Kepayang Island is the home of stunning vacation places, after all. For a better experience, you should hire a tour guide. He helps you get around the island efficiently. Make sure you carry some money. Your trip costs more than you might think, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Kepayang Turtle Conservation is located on Babi Island. That means you should head to this island first. From Tanjung Kelayang Beach, it takes about 20 minutes using a boat. For foreigners, you can reach the beach from Tanjung Pandan Port. It will take much time and effort for outsiders, after all. Make sure you carry much money and refreshments. Your trip is going to be long if you come from Tanjung Pandan.

Where to Stay

  • Lor IN Hotel
  • Pelangi Lake Resort

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