Relaxing at Panyaeran Beach, Belitung Island

A vacation to Belitung Island is worth to visit. It is because you can find numerous tourist spots and unique attractions. There is a famous beach near to Tanjung Pandan City. The name is Panyaeran Beach. The distance is about 36 kilometers. Actually, the beach belongs to Sijuk District. No worries. It is quite accessible. When it comes to the beauty, Panyaeran features several granites, white sand, and soothing seawater. Most of the visitors come here for sunbathing and beach walking. Not to mention there is a romantic sunset.

The Nuance
In terms of atmosphere, the beach is quite restful. The wind can replenish your stresses. It is suitable for relaxation. It features wide sandy shorelines. In some parts of the beach, you can find numerous shapes of rocks. It is possible to sit on those rocks and take some pictures. In the horizon, you are able to see other granites. They are all quite majestic. On top of that, the sky is gorgeous. In a nutshell, all of these features make perfect nuance.

Exploring Panyaeran Beach
First, it is the sightseeing. The beach becomes the home of many fishermen. From this location, you can see their activity. The best view comes from the top of the granites. One thing, it can be quite slippery. Make sure you wear proper footwear. There are many objects to see. That means you are going to spend much time in this location. Due to this reason, you must have prepared some snacks and drinks. For a better experience, it is better to come with your family.

There are limitless activities to do. For instance, you and your kids can build a sandcastle. The sand is soft, so you can build it easily. The best time to visit the beach is in the summer. The weather is good and the wind is calming. Apart from building a sandcastle, beach walking is a good idea. It is an opportunity to replenish your energy and mind. No wonder, many locals come here to enjoy the serenity of Panyaeran Beach.

Panyaeran Beach is also famous for culinary. You can find several “Warungs” or eateries nearby. The best menu is seafood. As for the drinks, you can order refreshing iced tea. No worries. The price is affordable. The thing is you know how to bargain. It is because some eateries put more expensive prices to foreigners. Make sure you come with a tour guide. He would talk to the owners of the local food stores. The aim is to get more affordable prices.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Panyaeran Beach is situated in Sijuk Village. From Tanjung Pandan City, you should conduct a long trip. The distance is about 34 km. For the best travel, you should rent a car. It is both comfortable and fast. Even though the rent fee is a little bit expensive, it is worth the money. Here is an idea. You can come with a group or families. With more people, you can share the transportation fee. Don’t forget to bring refreshments!

Where to Stay

  • Sriwijaya Hotel
  • Max One Hotel
  • Tamara Hotel

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