An Interesting Nature Tourism in Badau District – Batu Mentas

A vacation to Belitung is worth thousands of experience. At least, you can explore many beautiful landscapes. One of the best nature retreats is Batu Mentas. It is located in Badau District. Actually, it belongs to Kelekak Datuk Village. Most of the locals come here for swimming, playing water, and relaxation. Batu Mentas is actually a natural river. It is enclosed by forests, river stones, clear water, and fishes. Batu means “stone” and Mentas means “out of water”. Due to its solemn nature, it becomes a soothing place to relax.

The Nuance
As the name suggests, you may expect many river stones scattered on the river. The water is clear, so you can see fishes plainly. It is quite fresh. Almost all visitors want to get in the water. In some parts of the river, you can swim with them. The shady trees become a perfect extra. In some occasions, you can hear the voices of nature. It is because the river features a small forest. It is the home of numerous creatures.

Exploring Batu Mentas
It is true Batu Mentas is famous for its solemn nature. Most of the visitors want to swim and play in the water. Though, it is also the place to witness unique creatures like Bancanus Saltator. The locals protect this rare animal in nearby conservation. Thus, it becomes an extra attraction in Batu Mentas. Bancanus is actually a small monkey. You can see some of them in the conservation. The locals call them Pelilean. In fact, there are other animals like Kelaras Squirrel, Siaw, and much more.

Next thing to do is an outbound. It is possible to explore the river using a canoe. During the adventure, you are able to witness refreshing forest and soothing atmosphere. The other outdoor activities are flying fox and hiking. You must not miss them. Once you enjoy those activities, it is time to eat! There is a nearby restaurant. The name is De Bang Utan Resto. This is the place to replenish your energy. If you want to relax, there are some gazebos near to the river.

The best time to visit Batu Mentas is during the dry season. It is between June and September. As for the tips, you must not forget your climbing shoes. It is likely you are going to pass lots of river rocks. Also, first aid kit is a must. You don’t know what is going to happen, after all. Another consideration is the tour member. It is better to conduct a group tour. This way, you can enjoy a merrier vacation in Batu Mentas.

Nearby Attractions

  • Blue Kaolin Lake

How to Get There
Batu Mentas is easy to reach. From Tanjung Pandan, it takes about 30-45 minutes. If you come from Manggar City, it takes up to an hour. The best type of transportation is a car. Once you reach the location, you should pay the entry fee. No worries. It is affordable. Since it is nature tourism, you should not expect many facilities. Though, there are several hotels nearby. Also, you must buy a map regarding accommodations near to Manggar City.

Where to Stay

  • Hanggar 21 Hotel
  • Damuon Hotel
  • Tamara Hotel

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