An Exotic Vacation in Belitung – Pasir Island

Bangka Belitung islands are located in the east part of Sumatra Island. For tourists, these islands offer many interesting spots. Not to mention they also feature small islands. One of them is Pasir Island. What is it? The locals call it Gosong Island. Gosong means “burnt”. Under the bright sun, this island appears brown. It is definitely a unique and beauty isle near to Belitung Island. Today, it becomes a popular marine tourism. On top of that, it is easy to reach.

The Nuance
The sky is clear during summer. Some clouds may appear sometimes. At noon, Pasir Island becomes more brownish. It is definitely unique scenery. The island is surrounded by clear and shallow sea water. In the horizon, you are able to witness nearby islands. What about the condition in Gosong Island? In terms of size, it is quite small. It consists of only sand. Also, it is approachable only during the low tide. That means during the high tide, the island is covered by seawater.

Exploring Pasir Island
As mentioned earlier, the best time to visit is during low tide. Since it is made of only sand, you should not expect granites or other materials. The best attraction is the marine life. Starfishes are not the exception. The other charms are the nearby islands. It is because Pasir Island is located between those big islands. Next, you can simply play on the sand. It is soft and white. You can even take some pictures of starfishes nearby. Isn’t that great?

The size of Pasir Island is about 10 meters. It is better to explore the visit the island around 3 pm. Also, it is the right time to see many starfishes. They have a similar size to a plate. Most of the visitors come to island to witness this majestic sea creature. You can even take selfies with them. One thing, you aren’t allowed to take them home. They are considered as a rare species. Make sure you don’t kill them, as well.

Nearby Attractions
Pasir Island is situated near to nearby charms. That means you should visit other islands, too. These include Batu Berlayar Island, Tukong Kelayang Island, Babi, and Kepayang Island. The nearest one is Kepayang Island. You can reach it using a boat. Make sure you explore the island during the low tide! In Belitung Island, you can find several restaurants. That means you should never miss local foods. Some of the best dishes are Gangan, Bangka Noodle, Belitung Coffee, Pais, and much more.

How to Get There
From Jakarta, you need to cross the sea using a ferry. Your destination is Tanjung Pandan. It is a long voyage. Approximately, it takes 23 hours. Once you reach Belitung Island, you can directly reach Tanjung Kelayang. From here, you can take a small boat to Pasir Island. No worries, it takes only a few minutes. If you come from Pangkal Pinang, it takes about 30 minutes to Tanjung Kelayang. This tourist spot is crowded during weekends and holidays.

Where to Stay

  • Lor IN Belitung Hotel & Resort in Tanjung Tinggi
  • Bukit Berahu Resort in Tanjung Binga

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