Breathtaking Scenery on Peramun Hill in Sijuk, Belitung

Sijuk District is quite famous. It is an important tourist spot in Belitung Island, after all. To begin with, it offers a soothing landscape. The environment is peaceful, so it makes a wonderful vacation retreat. Here is a reference. There is a nature tourism called Peramun Hill. It is a perfect location to enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery. Though, you should reach the top of the hill first. From above, you can witness exotic wildlife. The hill is located in Air Selumar Village. No worries. It is reachable.

The Nuance
Peramun Hill is covered by trees. Though, the hill is mainly made of granites. It features unspoiled environment. It is the representation of a perfect environment. From afar, you can see the hill clearly. It is because the weather is nice and the sky is vibrant. When it comes to atmosphere, it is refreshing. No wonder, many tourists come here for relaxation. Also, the hill is suitable for hiking. For those who love outdoor activities, Peramun is a great destination.

Exploring Peramun Hill
Trekking is the most famous thing to do in Peramun Hill. Even though it takes much energy, you won’t regret it. In fact, it is easy to reach the top of the hill. During the trip, you may encounter small forests and granites. The stones are enormous. Also, you can see beautiful landscapes nearby. The whole trekking takes about 30 minutes. It can be either longer or sooner. Once you reach the top, you may witness 3 vast granites. They are neat and gorgeous. The height is about 3 meters.

One of the best views is the northern coasts of Belitung Island. In fact, you are able to see Lengkuas Island from here. One thing, the wind can be quite strong sometimes. Make sure you wear proper clothes. So, is it only on the top of the hill? There is also another interesting thing to explore. It is the natural cave. The shape is similar to a head of a dinosaur. The cave has the depth of 35 meters. According to the locals, this was an impermanent settlement during the invasion era.

If you are a professional trekker, you can take a more difficult path. It features an extreme route to reach the top of Peramun Hill. You may expect climbing tree roots and crawl on granites. It is a rewarding adventure, though. Once you pass these difficulties, you will be compensated by beautiful South China Sea. Not to mention you are able to find many species of trees like Dungun, Ara, Pelepak, and much more.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Peramun Hill is situated in Air Selumar Village. It is in Sijuk District. That means you should head to Sijuk from either Tanjung Pandan or Pangkal Pinang. If you come from Jakarta, you can take ferry to Tanjung Pandan Port. From here, you can rent a car to Sijuk District. Finding Air Selumar is easy. Your last destination is the foothill. It is about 500 meters. Don’t forget to prepare bottled drinks and equipment prior to trekking!

Where to Stay

  • Hanggar 21 Hotel
  • Lor IN Hotel

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