Stunning Beach in North Belitung – Tanjung Binga

Indonesia is the home of thousands of islands. One of them is Bangka Belitung Province. For tourists, there are many options of tour destinations in such archipelago. One of them is Tanjung Binga Beach. It is famous for its fishing village. The location is near to Bukit Berahu Beach in Sijuk District. For tourists, this tourist spot is a perfect destination for photography and an adventure. Do you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery? You can enjoy either sunrise or sunset. Not to mention you are able to witness fishermen’s activity.

The Nuance
Tanjung Binga Beach is the combination of a wonderful marine atmosphere and nature beauty. As an extra, there is a unique settlement. It features a pier and lots of trees. This nuance makes a perfect holiday for everyone. In the water, you may find some local boats. The villagers use them for fishing. The thing is most of them are fishermen. The seawater is blue and clear. It is quite tempting, so you are likely to swim in it. Overall, this beach is the representation of a small paradise.

Exploring Tanjung Binga Beach
It is true the boats are used to fish. However, tourists are allowed to rent one. That means you can use it for an island hopping. Once you have spent good times on the beach, you must explore the village. Since it is a fishing village, you may expect many fishes. Villagers often dry up these fish in their yard. Even though it’s a little bit smelly, the atmosphere is quite friendly. The people are approachable. It is also possible to come into their house. That means you become their guest.

Most of the people in Tanjung Binga Beach are the natives of Belitung. Though, some of them came from Bugis. No worries. They are all welcoming. Next, it is the daily activity of the fishermen. They head seaward at noon. It is around 1 o’clock. They will come back about 3 am. You can witness their activity while enjoying the sunrise. Isn’t this great? Don’t forget to buy some products like fresh fish and fish chips.

Another unique attraction is the wooden pier. The length is about 100 meters. The boats use the pier to shore. You can rent a boat to explore nearby attractions, too. There are about 8 uninhabited islands nearby. Are you interested? Moreover, you can enjoy a peaceful activity like fishing. Even beginners are able to catch many fishes. It is because Tanjung Binga is rich in marine life, especially fishes. You can either rent or bring your own fishing rods. Don’t forget to enjoy the stunning sunset!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Tinggi Beach
  • Tanjung Kelayang
  • Jimbaran Belitung

How to Get There
Tanjung Binga Beach is located in the north part of Belitung Island. From Tanjung Pandan, it takes about 8 km. The best time to visit the beach is in the morning. During the trip, you may witness many trees and houses. Once you reach Tanjung Binga, you can even find Durian trees. Make sure you come at the right time. December is an ideal option, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Bukit Berahu Resort
  • Lor IN Belitung

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