Tanjung Kelayang Beach in Belitung Island

“Laskar Pelangi” is a famous novel and film in Indonesia. Belitung Island becomes the background of this piece of art. Tanjung Kelayang Beach is not an exception. It is a popular destination for locals and foreigners. The location is about 28 km from Tanjung Pandan City. The beach is considered an icon of Belitung Island. So, why is it popular? There is a famous event called Sail Indonesia. Hundreds of yachts come to this beach for touring. Moreover, there are many facilities like cottages, traditional restaurants, etc.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach features blue and clear seawater. The waves aren’t too strong so you can play in the water comfortably. It is even possible to swim. Next, you can feel the soft, white, and beautiful sand in the shorelines. The beach also features several coconut trees. What’s more? The most famous characteristic is its granites. These rocks form a unique shape. It is similar to a head of a bird. The locals call it Batu Garuda. On top of that, it becomes one of the best landmarks in Belitung Island.

Exploring Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Both the locals and foreigners have acknowledged Tanjung Kelayang’s beauty. In fact, it has become a major tourist attraction in Bangka Belitung Archipelago. Across the beach, there is a small island. It is the home of famous granites and it is located in left part of the beach. No worries. The island is approachable so you can take some pictures near to those stones. If you don’t want to cross the sea, you can simply play sports waters.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach features beautiful shorelines. The length is about 4 km. The seawater is calm so it is suitable for swimmers. In the west, you can find 3 small islands. The distance is approximately 750 meters. The west part of the island is suitable for witnessing the sunset. For the best view, you should climb the granites. You should pay attention to your steps, though. Those rocks can be quite slippery sometimes. Make sure you wear proper footwear, as well.

Another attraction in Tanjung Kelayang Beach is the culinary. Tourists are likely to try traditional dishes of Belitung Island. You should try it as well. There are many local restaurants nearby. These eateries offer numerous menus, especially seafood. The most famous ones are Cah Kangkung, Fish Soup, and Gangan. Each of them has a unique taste. When it comes to the drinks, you should order Belitung’s Iced Lime. It is refreshing and delicious!

Nearby Attractions

  • Lengkuas Island
  • Tanjung Tinggi
  • Kampung Dedaun
  • Tanjung Pandan

How to Get There
From the Hanandjoeddin Airport, it takes about 30 minutes. Tanjung Kelayang Beach is located near to Tanjung Pandan. No worries. The road is wide and smooth. It is going to be a comfortable trip. It is wise to join a tour package. That means you can simply enjoy the trip. The tour agency takes care of your journey. For backpackers, you can rent either a car or motorcycle. The cost can be quite expensive during holidays, though.

Where to Stay

  • Lor IN Belitung Hotel
  • Pelangi Lake Resort.

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